Friday, September 2, 2011

Brand New

Welcome all to my brand new blog.  I am here to post all my recent 2D and 3D art as well as post any thoughts I have on current games, game tech, or artists that I pull my inspirations from.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Cheers..


Here are some recent figures and paintings I've done.  I drew this sketch for fun a little while ago.. lots of dirty marks.. worked this out by finding my values and silhouette.

 Some orthographic drawings I made of one of my favorite game characters of all time-- Kain, of the Legacy of Kain series-- the game is old, but I'd love for them to bring it back w/ today's tech.. One can only dream... ;P

A weapon design based on God of War III

More Figures and Studies

More than recently, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Valve.  Andrea Wicklund lead the group and gave us a project to design new zombies for Left 4 Dead 2, or robot designs for Portal 2.  I chose Portal 2 and designed several variations of robot classes that I thought would fit in the universe.

Self Portrait

A Fechin Copy

And some figure drawing

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